Rafi Toledano is a real estate investor in New York City with extensive experience.

Through world-class buildings, tenant satisfaction, and philanthropic contributions, Rafi Toledano aims to make a positive impact in New York City and beyond.

Furthermore, Rafi Toledano provides financial aid to the next generation of real estate professionals by offering scholarships.

Read this article to learn how Rafi Toledano works toward making a positive difference.

Who is Rafi Toledano?

Rafi Toledano is an American real estate investor, known as one of the greatest landlords in East Village of Manhattan. His acquisition of a $97 million, 16-building portfolio in the East Village in 2015, made him famous in the New York real estate market.

He is the founder and president of Brookhill Properties, an investment firm specializing in multi-family properties.

The Mission and Vision of Real Estate Investor Rafi Toledano

Investing in high-quality properties that benefit their communities while generating high returns is Rafi Toledano’s mission.

His goal is to make the East Village neighborhood a great place for New Yorkers to live, work, and play.

In order to remain at the forefront of world real estate practices, this real estate investor continually improves his buildings and services.

By partnering with meaningful nonprofit organizations that serve the East Village’s public spaces and inhabitants, like The Creative Little Garden and Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless, Toledano continues to positively impact not only the residents and retailers in its buildings but the larger community as well.

A commitment to serving those around you and hard work are the keys to great rewards for Toledano. Having been astonished by the real estate market since he was a teenager, he is delighted to live out his dream as a top investor.

Toledano’s Scholarship

By offering scholarships for their studies, Rafi Toledano wishes to help the next generation of real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. Brookhill Properties’ top priority is to recruit the best real estate talent. Toledano is always looking for new talent to join his team.

Philanthropic Endeavors

In conjunction with Brookhill Properties, Rafi Toledano is proud to support The Creative Little Garden financially. This park provides a peaceful and nature-filled setting for East Village residents and visitors. This community garden can be used for sitting, working, and meeting. In addition to maintaining the garden, Toledano and his team also take care of the plants and building materials.

For more than 30 years, Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless has provided warm, nutritious meals to the homeless community around Tompkins Square Park. Toledano is very excited to support this organization. By helping all residents of East Village, Rafi aims to make East Village a better place to live and work.

Final Words

“My belief is that great rewards are earned through hard work, commitment, and a desire to serve others,” Toledano says.

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